Database Rescue

You have a crumbling software project. Perhaps you inherited an old mess from someone else. Maybe the developer of your system mysteriously “disappeared”. Or else it never really worked right in the first place.

Sometimes the old way of doing things is good enough to manage for a while, until a system simply breaks down.

Then you’re stuck with a failed solution, your valuable data locked up, and no way to fix it.

If you have a bad system on your hands, perhaps I can help.

Russell to the rescue!

Unhappy with your database?

Russell says:

“Do you have an existing small-business database that needs a rescue? I can save your shipwrecked system from the rocks, repair it, and make improvements. Even if I didn’t write it, I will help figure it out and fix it. Salvaging a bad FileMaker project and putting it to rights is a specialty of mine!”