Computers Make Me Freak Out

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Freak Out!

I’m passionate about them, therefore they can frustrate me to the point of near-insanity.

I shovel bits and bytes for a living, nothing tangible.

Working with pure energy, selling your thinking, makes it hard to prove the value of what you do.

The service I provide is my judgment, not simply my time.

Why Consulting Is Like A Butcher Shop

Joe's: A Butcher Shop, Main Street, Sharpsburg, PA

I can’t charge you from the moment you start asking questions. I have to give free advice to establish credibility.

A butcher will freely dispense tips on what to serve a dinner party of eight.

He only makes money if he wraps up the steaks.

I’ll only charge you to solve your software problems, but I’ll listen to them first.

Don’t be afraid I’ll slap you with a bill for a basic consultation. I’ll be honest if I can help directly or not, but after meeting with me you’ll know more about your situation and your options.

You have nothing to lose by asking.

Why Consulting Is NOT Like Auto Repair

If you get your brakes fixed, and the A/C stops working two days later, that’s not the brake mechanic’s fault. Although components of the same car, brakes and A/C are unrelated systems.

Most people know the basics of how cars work. Not so computers.

1930s Auto Mechanics, National Youth Administration, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

The infinite combinations of software, hardware, operating systems, networks, patches, versions, and most importantly users, make computer problems difficult to diagnose and even harder to explain.

If I set up a particular e-mail program for you today, and your printer doesn’t work tomorrow, it might not be my fault.

It’s tough to explain the workings of a computer system, and tough to understand what causes what.

I try to explain software on whatever level works for you.