Build-Manager: Web Application Software for Homebuilders

Build-Manager is web-based construction management software. It provides accurate job information for a team of builders managing hundreds of contractors. And in the homebuilding industry, “accurate job information” often means “the latest information, until something changes.” A perfect match for the web.

Using the web keeps everyone close. When a team can’t be at the same office all day, a web application helps them work as if they were. A simple, well-designed website is easy to learn and use, with low training hassle and no installation (just open a browser).

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The Client: Redstone Group

Redstone Group

A fast-growing builder was unimpressed with the homebuilding software on the market, so they created their own. The vision: start from scratch as a web application, and always follow the KISS mandate (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Today, Redstone Group manages rapid growth and large-scale change with ease. Construction managers all over the region stay connected to current demands, simplifying office paperwork while scheduling thousands of activities.

Rather than running around “putting out fires” all day, the managers have a single organization system for schedules, and can notify their subcontractors of schedule changes quickly and easily.

What it does:

In the past four years:

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Russell says:

“Software can be a long-term investment... a chance to set up business logic so when making a decision you can ‘measure twice, cut once.’ Homebuilding, still a low-tech industry, is taking the Internet to the jobsite. We’re making it happen.”