Do you do this by yourself?

I am just one guy, with a broad array of experience in computers and software.

However, “The secret to programming is not intelligence, though of course that helps. It is not hard work or experience, though they help, too. The secret to programming is having smart friends.

Aelita, Queen of Mars, illustrating the power of the networked mind.

Often “software consulting” means: translate between real-world decision makers and computer code wizards.

When one mind struggles with a logic problem, another mind sees past the obstacle.

Sometimes a specialist must be called in, for a second opinion or angle of approach.

I maintain a network of reliable, knowledgeable associates with complementary areas of expertise. They help me do the best job for you.

Don’t spare the geek stuff. Which tools do you use?

MySQL: a fantastic, free database server. The gold standard of open source software. I’m a huge fan. This is world-changing technology — get on board.

PHP: for web scripting, but I also use Lasso (not open source, but IMHO cleaner syntax and database connection handling). Both accomplish the same ends: connect data to a web interface. There are many other great software tools: Ruby/Rails, Python, .NET... I am platform-agnostic. I refuse to get into heated discussions of the merits of a particular programming language or framework. There is no “best” technology, there is only “What works best for this client’s situation?”

Apache: the world’s leading web server, literally the Model T of the Internet. You’re driving it right now.

FileMaker: for desktop database apps, creates beautiful printed output, easy to script and customize. I’ve used this great database development kit for years, and have a special knack for untangling FileMaker messes.

CocoaMySQL: shout-out to my favorite YAMDC (Yet Another MySQL Database Console). Really slick app, no bloat.

SubEthaEdit: great editor, bad name (despite the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference). Shared editing for pair/team programming.

Terminal: (bash for OS X) so much can be done with the command line — shell scripts, tools like cron, curl, grep... a world of power at your fingertips.