What do you do?

I help people use computers better.

I teach problem-solving with software.

I define business logic like a story problem, breaking information flow into basic blocks and patterns.

My expertise? Using software to organize real-world information.

UML sequence diagram of a small business information flow.

End result: Software provides the information you need to run your organization.

Software should solve problems, not create them.

Who needs software consulting?

Any business or organization with a computer mess, I can clean up.

When managed data and meaningful reports seem out of reach, I can organize.

If you’re not happy with your software, if you’re not getting the answers you need, I can help.

What makes you qualified to do this?

I’ve been computing for 79.41% of my life.

I know how computers see the world.

I’ve used the earliest personal computers, university and corporate mainframes, publishing and engineering workstations. I’m familiar with the history, having grown up with the computer era.

Math schoolwork Sept. 1988

Math homework, often derided as useless, actually prepared me for my career... imagine that!

I’m smart with math and story problems.

I have a true liberal arts education, I view the world from as many perspectives as possible. I understand that computers are never more important than people.

I can step back from the trees and see the forest.

I stay one step ahead of my clients’ needs.

How much do you charge?

I charge anywhere from free (some valuable advice is free, it’s true!) to whatever it takes to make a solution work.

IBM System 360 Model 40, circa 1960

Computing has become marvelously inexpensive and commonplace since these days.

Smart thinking has not.

Sometimes I simply help you with the software you already own. A few hours of professional know-how can save you many hours of frustration at the computer.

Other situations call for a custom software solution, that exactly fits the way you work.

To estimate the value of software consulting, imagine what you’d pay an employee who could solve problems or provide reliable, solid answers for you, whenever you needed it.

The right software becomes like a trusted employee... always unafraid to tell you the facts.

How much would that be worth?